Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Love You...Missing you so much...

I had a wonderful childhood, full of happy memories and naughty antics. How i wish i could bring back the good old days, those days when i was still young and vibrant,(i am still young though, in heart and mind, let us forget the numbers) playing like there will be no tomorrow. Technology reminds me that time is running too fast, if only i could impede the ticking of time, i would have done so. The most controlling reason is not that i still want to play or hang around with old friends, (i can still see them if i want to) but i miss one person who truly loved me; one whom i treasured most in my life; one who believed in me; one who made me feel how brilliant i am; a person who felt so blessed to have me in her life---my grandmother.

I called her "Inay Aba" , "inay is a filipino word for mother and "aba" is a short term for "taba" which means fat (she wasn't that fat though, wonder why? medium built i must say so) . She passed away last year without me saying goodbye to her, i felt so bad that i kept her waiting for me while she was struggling for her life. How i wish i was able to hold her in her last minutes of earthly life; how i wish i could have hugged her and let my warmth say a lot of things to her. I couldn't believe that i would come home to see her without her usual smile and tight embrace but that i should accept that it was her time to rest and be happy in God's kingdom.

Inay Aba, I love you so much. I couldn't muster enough words to describe how much i value you in my life. I would like to thank you for loving me, for taking care of me, for all the happy memories and the wisdom you have shared with me. Thanks for coming into our lives, you are a great woman, a woman of strength and compassion, a loving mom, a caring "inay aba" - you are God's greatest gift to all of us! We are missing you so much.

I will see you again, in God's time.. i am looking forward to it- i love you!

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