Friday, May 30, 2008

An open letter to my daughter (dipped in chocolate)

To my loving daughter,

You're the best that ever happened in my life...if I have to live my life again and were given choices of what things I would have and the path I would will always be a life with you. I could never think of words to express how happy I am having you for a daughter. Had you not been with me, my life would be empty; you filled everything in complete me. You're kind, smart and caring; a daughter that every mother would dream of.

Now that you're growing up, gracefully, as I envisioned you to be, I would like you to be smarter, more considerate and upright. Don’t forget that if there were times that I am not with you when you feel like falling, that I have abandoned you- no my beloved, I am just somewhere looking at you from a distance, all geared up to give you a helping hand; all those were to train you how to be bold and to handle things appropriately. Don’t be sad nor take it against me; I am just around the corner, you may not be aware because it is too serene or too light; all you have to do is think about those things I always wanted to inculcate into your mind. I want you to be independent; confident and positive about yourself. I know that you have learned so much and still struggling to be a well composed fine young lady.

I believe in you, your confidence to face the trials squarely is amazing; your determination to succeed is extremely admirable; your urge to experiment and discover new things is unbelievably remarkable and the passion you have in everything you do is simply stunning.

I wouldn’t even try you if you can cross neither the turbulent wave nor a rocky road alone, just to prove that you are indeed bold because I trust your ability to outwit the fox and emerge as a magnanimous victor in life’s toughest battles.

Life is not a bed of roses, my daughter, and sometimes life is not fair- more said about what life is, yes, it isn’t perfect but most of the time- splendid. In every trial that you will encounter, in every question that will puzzle you, believe me-there will be an answer and don’t stop searching for one.

This is how I look at you-strong, bold, witty, intellectually gifted, emotionally stable, and most of all, the most caring and loving person God has ever created- nearly perfect huh! Ha-ha...yes my’re a wonderful creation...lovely! (Mom is just second in line...goodness- thought you inherited all those from me..hehe- wink-wink)

I love you...more than I do to myself....

Your mean Mom

(Joy and fulfillment- that truly engulf my heart for having written what I truly feel for her; for conveying how gorgeous it is to be her mother; I feel complete and contented- for having her in my life; I can feel the warmth of being appreciated and loved... she grown so fast...taller than I am now....lovelier and smarter....she’s into music, she has a band (playing the lead guitar) that can play all types of music, she’s performing very well in school (haha like mother like daughter!!??). Her big heart still doesn’t shrink a, don’t I going to feel appreciated and loved? --for having a daughter like her?... I planted a seed, of top caliber....nurtured it with love and affection....and its beginning to bear fruits.....)

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