Sunday, May 18, 2008


There are lots of sports, go choose!
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Practice more to improve,
Show to the people your awesome moves.
Getting tired doesn't matter,
As long as we're having fun together.
Sports is not only for fun, but also for discipline,
and for your body to be kickin'.
Come on lets play our favorite sport,
But remember to be always a sport.

by: Alexis

This was written by my son Alexis for his English class when he was in Gr. 6. He is a sports fan, he plays basketball well; he was champion in table tennis (intramural) when he was in Gr. 4 ; he made his debut in playing chess when he was in Gr. 6; became member of the varsity team and silver medalist in their intramural; he tried his skills in games of the generals and garnered bronze medal when he was in Gr. 5; he plays billiard well too, i taught him the rudiments of the game but now i am just a poor loser.

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