Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love is Freedom

L- let a drop of blood to bleed
From your heart is a lot to plead
To dream of love to succeed
Is a hard work without greed.

O- Old and young aspire and crave
For provisions of life to live
But the zeal for love is always a craze
That all of us wanting to be ablaze.

V- Vent for passion is like a vehicle to take
That most people abhor to brake
Some triumph some failed
Taunted to prove that feeling is awake.

E- Emotion so gorgeous yet so not
Lovely is the feeling yet so blurred
It is in winning the battle of love we prayed
So is the conquest that we made.

Love is a war everybody dared to win
Victory seem so elusive to gain
Feat for love is not won by siege and invasion
Liberty and peace is the trophy of war
……..that you have won.

August 15, 2010...back to my blog! thanks to some friends who urged me to write something about love..uhmm..yeah! I may sound mean with this but this is all for now! Yeah..LOVE IS FREEDOM...LET LOVE LIBERATE US! Happy reading!

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